A Tortured Soul – Lucifer´s Fate
Lucifer’s Fate – On This Evil Night
Ancient Curse – The New Prophecy
Ancillotti – The Chain Goes On
Ancillotti – Strike Back
Ancillotti – Hell On Earth
BlackBeer – Take The Freedom
Black Knight – Road To Victory
Black Knight – Tales From The Darkside
Black Rose UK – WTF
Caeli – Tied Together
Chaos Frame – Entropy
Custard – Infested By Anger
Custard – A Realm Of Tales
Custard – Imperium Rapax
Klaus Schubert – Desperados On The Run
Schubert In Rock – Commander Of Pain
No Bros – Metal Marines
No Bros – Export Of Hell
No Bros/Schubert & Friends _ Mia San Österreich
Psychoprism – Creation
Psychoprism – R.I.S.E.
Redstacks – Revival Of The Fittest
Rizon – Sudden Life
Rizon – Masquerade
Rizon – Power Plant
Rizon – Prime Time
Space Vacation – Heart Attack
Space Vacation – Cosmic Vanguard
Space Vacation – Lost In The Black Divine
Space Vacation – White Hot Reflection
Sunless Sky – Firebreather
Sunless Sky – Doppelgänger
Wallop – Alps On Fire