EMERALD - Tourdates 2017/2018

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14.09.2017Live News

The Swiss Power Metal Band EMERALD have announced the new tourdates for 2017/2018. The Gigs are on September - December 2017 and on January - April 2018.

Tourdates 2017/2018

30.09.2017 Schützenhaus, Switzerland
Headliner Show
support: Angry Alliance

06.10.2017 Hall Of Fame, Switzerland
mit: Freedom Call, Gods Of Silence

02.12.2017 Oelfleck, Switzerland
Headliner Show
support: Sinside

09.12.2017 Bad Bonn, Switzerland
Double Headliner Show with Kilmister

06.01.2018 Ice Rock Festival, Switzerland
mit: Dream Evil, Hermann Frank, 20 Dark Seven, Chainer

10.03.2017 Headbangers Night XV, Germany
mit: Valiant Viper, Deo

21.04.2018 Improvisorium, Switzerland
Headliner Show
support: Green Labyrinth