A Tortured Soul

Genre: US-Dark/Power Metal
Herkunft: USA




A Tortured Soul is a heavy metal band with a very unique sound. It blends traditional metal with modern aspects, that makes the music they create all their own. Formed in 2001 by Nate Gorenc and Rick Black, they have released 3 albums since its inception. Tomorrow’s Door, Kiss Of The Thorn, and their most recent release on Pure Steel Records, Lucifer’s Fate. In the summer of 2013, A Tortured Soul added to their unique sound by acquiring Brian Bolle (B.E.N.T., Victims Of Voodoo) De Wayne Bolle (B.E.N.T.) and Tommy Lodwick (Dark Shift). These additions have put A Tortured Soul in position to reach musical goals and potential they never thought possible. In 2016, A Tortured Soul will be releasing their new album entitled Mourning Son. It will be the first album with their current lineup, second album released on Pure Steel Records, and fourth overall. Keep an eye out for tour dates near you, because this is definitely one show you don’t want to miss!


Rick Black – vocals
Duane Timlin – drums
Nate Gorenc – guitars
Brian Bolle – guitars
De Wayne Bolle – bass