ATTICK DEMONS - Atlantis - Releasedate: 26th of August 2011

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02.08.2011Release News

Finally it’s done: After several demos and an EP over the years the first full length album of the Portuguese band ATTICK DEMONS, who have been active in the underground for already 15 years, is ready.

The new, ¾-hour long piece "Atlantis" offers greatly played, classical Heavy/Power Metal with some powerful doublebass-parts and a singer, where you even think, that he is the missing son of Bruce Dickinson. Especially „The Flame of Eternal Knowledge“ and „City of Golden Gates“ show all the disciples of Iron Maiden, that current bands can now sound even more authentic to the early days of the metal-legend, as it is done by the originals now. Fitting to this, Ex-Manowar guitarist Ross the Boss and Ex-Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno are appearing as guest-musicians on the title track.

But not only the vocals of Artur Almeida are so heavy Maiden-oriented, the first class, harmonic twin-guitar-work, the also existent gallop-parts and the pumping bass-line remember in a few moments back to
them, although influences of bands like Judas Priest and some old school US Metal-bands can be heard too.

In a nutshell: This disc is the holy grail for all those who had been very disappointed by "The Final Frontier" and "A Matter Of Life And Death".

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