LOU SIFFER AND THE HOWLING DEMONS - "Too Old To Die Young" - Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 29th October 2021

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22.09.2021Release News

The release date of the of the new album "Too Old To Die Young" by the Swedish Hard Rock/Rock 'N Roll Band LOU SIFFER AND THE HOWLING DEMONS on CD is October 29th, 2021. The pre-order phase will start on October 15th, 2021 in our webshop. 

LOU SIFFER AND THE HOWLING DEMONS - a wild bunch of Swedish motorheads - will release their third full-length album “Too Old To Die Young” on October 29th via Pure Steel Records. The Hard Rock/Rock`n´Roll band from Uppsala (Sweden), who recently signed a worldwide record deal with PURE STEEL RECORDS, will provide 12 pieces of high octane action explosions to their fanbase all over the world.

The band was founded 2008 and released so far one single, 2 Longplayers and an EP. The new album “Too Old To Die Young” is an energy driven masterpiece of Rock`n´Roll in the trails of traditional punk rock and metal acts like Misfits, Entombed and Turbonegro. Due to the band, the new album is “A dark and poisonous motor show filled with alcohol, fast cars, and death. L.S.H.D. will be on your car stereo while rampaging the wrong highway lane, heading for eternity...”. Take care, Metalheads!

1. The Worm
2. Sucks To Be You
3. Amplifire
4. The Song That Wrote Itself
5. White Hollow God
6. Night Of The Damned
7. The Last Word
8. Too Old To Die Young
9. Devil In Me
10. Fuel On The Fire
11. Final Nail In The Coffin
12. Can't Slow Down
Total Playing Time: 36:21 min

Lou Siffer – bass
K. Oz – vocals
Kahn Ibbal – guitars
Zack Rilegious – drums