KNIGHT FURY - "Time To Rock" - vinyl edition - cover, track list - release date: 24th of August 2012

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03.07.2012Release News

The release date of KNIGHT FURY's fantastic debut album "Time to rock" is 24th of August 2012.The limited special edition will be very limited (525 items, gatefold). 425 in black and 100 in white.

We like to present to you a real super-group from the US-Metal-scene: KNIGHT FURY from Arizona. The guys who are members of this band are well established in the US-scene like Ex-LIZZY-BORDEN Chris Sanders (guitars), Dave Ellefson (bass) and Ken Mary (drums). Both Dave and Ken may be known to metal-fans as (former) musicians in bands like MEGADETH, ALICE COOPER, IMPELLITERI and CHASTAIN.

Their debut-album “Time to Rock” was produced by the band itself in 2011. But the songs are simply too sophisticated and lyrical to be just an independent release and be buried in oblivion. So we decided to do a vinyl-release for this album on our label to give it its proper attention. The album (ca. 40 minutes playing-time) offers melodic Heavy Metal, which might remind some fans of FIFTH ANGEL (an Ex-band of drummer Ken) and older LEATHERWOLF-songs. The music is dominated by a pompous 80s-sound and includes the bombastic opener “Nothing”, the stomp-hits “Forbidden” and “The Message”, and the catchy, anthem-like title-track at the end of the album. Last but not least, we shouldn’t forget William King’s very original voice, which makes this album an absolute must-have for all Keep-it-True-Festival fans.

And now: listen and enjoy! It’s time to rock!

track list:

1 Side A - Nothing Left
2 Side A - Attack
3 Side A - Forbidden
4 Sied A - Battle for the Castle
5 Side A - Awaken
6 Side B - The Message
7 Side B - Endless Night
8 Side B - Out on Your Own
9 Side B - Believe
10 Side B - Time to Rock

total playtime: 39:23


guitars - Chris Sanders (ex-LIZZY BORDEN)
bass - David Ellefson (Angels of Babylon, David Ellefson, Megadeth, Temple of Brutality, Hail!, ex-Avian, ex-Killing Machine, ex-Soulfly (live), ex-Tim Owens (Live))
drums - Ken Mary (ex-TKO, ex-Accept, ex-Chastain, ex-David T. Chastain, ex-Fifth Angel, ex-Impellitteri, ex-James Byrd, ex-Strike, ex-Alice Cooper, ex-House of Lords )
vocals - William King
keyboards - Adam Emmons (ex-METAL KNIGHTS)