AXEMASTER "Blessing In The Skies" - LIMITED VINYL EDITION - Cover, Tracklist, releasedate: 6th October 2017

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30.08.2017Release News

The release date of the AXEMASTER album „Blessing In The Skies“ on limited vinyl edition is October 6th, 2017. The pre-order phase will start on September 22nd, 2017 in our webshop. The Album will release in a limited Edition of 200 black copies, with 10 Bonustracks and insert on double vinyl.

Through our label the Ohio metalheads AXEMASTER already released their first album since returning to the scene in 2010, titled „Overture To Madness“ 2 years ago. Now it’s time to bring the legendary debut „Blessing In the Skies“ back on vinyl. It hasn’t been available on vinyl since the first pressing through Azra Records in 1987. Like always limited to 200 copies, US Metal cult tunes like „Golgotha“, „Rock Forever“, „Crusades“ and „Demon Machine“ are back in full beauty along with bonus tracks that include the songs from the "5 Demons" EP. Mostly traditional heavy metal inspired, always straight and uncompromising, the band presented more than 40 minutes of finest, unconventional „Cleveland Metal“, which is on the same level like bands such as Breaker. A must have item for US Metal vinyl collectors!

The album “Blessing In The Skies” will be released in a limited edition of 200 black copies with 10 Bonustracks and insert on double vinyl.

Side A
1. The Prophecy-Golgotha
2. Blood Of The Temple
3. Rock Forever
4. Without A Trace
5. Crusades
Side B
6. Demon Machine
7. The Reaper
8. Slave To The Blade
9. The Predator
10. Naked Eye (Bonustrack)
Side C
1. Heretical Valor (Bonustrack)
2. The Power (Bonustrack)
3. Snake Charmer (Bonustrack)
4. Axemaster (Bonustrack)
5. Phantom Armies (Bonustrack)
Side D
6. Black Dungeons (Bonustrack)
7. Secrets Untold (Bonustrack)
8. False Consciousness (Bonustrack)
9. Full Moon At Dawn (Bonustrack)
Total Playing Time: 91:15 min

Members Blessing In The Skies:
Christopher Michael – lead vocals, bass
Brian Henderson – drums
Joe Sims – guitars

Members 5 Demons Demo:
Eric Lynch – vocals
Joe Sims – lead guitars
Jim Newcomb – bass
Matt Smolk - bass