CUSTARD – “Snow White” – official single from the album „A Realm Of Tales“

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11.05.2017Release News

The second single of the German Melodic Power Metal Band CUSTARD - "Snow White is released on Soundcloud. The release date of the new CUSTARD album „A Realm Of Tales“ on CD is May 19th, 2017. 

Since the beginning CUSTARD were a phenomena in Teutonic Steel. From 0 to 100 they bursted into the scene with great old school Heavy Metal songs. Of course a lot of bands play that style, but CUSTARD always made the "more" in songwriting, power and melody.

Fortunately nothing has changed for CUSTARD these days. Vocalist Olli Strasser and his two guitarists Stefan Absorber and Carsten Reichart still find their own way to create great riffings and melodies based on the concrete of Chris Klapper and Markus Berghammer. The lyric themes vary from catchy to extraordinary and with small -yet precious- ingredients like folky tunes along other little enrichements the songs get this special "thing" to make it a must for fans of HELLOWEEN to JUDAS PRIEST. "A Realm of Tales" leave an overall statement: The masters are back! 

CUSTARD - "Snow White" @ Soundcloud

Timo Wuerz -

Oliver Strasser – vocals
Carsten „Oscar“ Reichart – guitars
Markus Berghammer – bass
Chris Klapper – drums
Stefan Absorber – guitars