Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Herkunft: Niederlande


2022 – Revival Of The Fittest (full-length)


Rock nostalgia; cranked amplifiers, virtuosic keyboards, thumping drums and acrobatic vocals. Redstacks founders Jeffrey Revet and Jouke Westerhof, though born in the late 80’s, might as well have been alive in the early 70’s. Drawing their musical inspiration from all era’s, they’re able to incorporate their learnings into a fun, energetic homage to the rock ‘n roll greats of yesteryear.

So here we are; “a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, right?”. Teach your children and let rock music go ‘round the globe for decades to come!

Around the late 2000’s, Jeffrey Revet and Jouke Westerhof met at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede, The Netherlands. There they had their first experience writing heavy rocking tunes together in a school project called Vivid Circus.

Post-conservatory they went on to being professional working musicians playing a wide variety of gigs in all sorts of bands and genres. Notably, Jeffrey toured the world with his former band Stream of Passion, while Jouke mainly orientated himself as a session guitarist. They remained friends and still play together in a Queen tribute band.

The idea of Redstacks was born while touring the Dutch theatres. Jouke and Jeffrey felt it was time to get creative again and quickly wrote and recorded a few instrumental demos. The project swiftly got out of hand and had reached a point of no return. A big part of their vision was to record real instruments in a live-room setting with musicians playing off each other to create an organic and cohesive sound. They needed to let others join in on the fun.

First Tim Beudel joined on drums. His vast experience as a session musician, who has played all over in the Dutch music scene, made him a rock steady asset. Shortly thereafter Rob van der Loo (Epica) joined in on bass for the album recordings.

Vocalists heard on the album are Paul Adrian Villareal (Sun Caged), Martin van der Starre (session singer – who also sang with the Analogues), Jan Willem Ketelaers (Ayreon, Knight Area, Robby Valentine), Nick Holleman (Powerized, ex Vicious Rumors), Timothy Drake (Queen Forever), Laura Guldemond (Burning Witches) and Thomas Meeuwis (singer & songwriter).

As we all know live shows are currently postponed until due notice, but Redstacks is ready to bring you the new wave of Dutch “old school inspired” classic rock. For all you people craving for those vintage rock tones, here’s the medicine.

Rock ain’t dead, that’s for sure!


Jeffrey Revet (ex-Stream of Passion) – keyboards
Jouke Westerhof (Queen Forever) – guitars