Genre: US-Metal
Herkunft: USA



2014 – Bloodlines (EP)
2016 – Creations (full-length)
2021 – R.I.S.E. (full-length)


“Psychoprism” is a robust five piece Modern Power metal band, rooted in styles and eras which converge into a musical sorcery. Psychoprism’s songs reflect unbelievably true stories, personal struggles, memorials, supernatural events and paranormal experiences. Psychoprism’s lyrical mind game may leave much up to the listener’s interpretation, unless they find the words strikingly clear.

Psychoprism initiated on March 23, 2012 when underground NJ vocalist Jess Rittgers responded to an ad placed by accomplished NY guitarist Bill Visser. Sending Jess a file labeled “Mix 1” on March 26th, the favor was returned Friday April 13th, labeled “Defiance.” “Psychoprism” officially formed on Friday the 13th 2012.

“Defiance” became Psychoprism’s debut single, and was used to form the rest of the band. With Central NJ’s “Kevin Myers” packing a punch on the double kick drums, soon to be followed by classically trained pianist “Adam Peterson” from College Station Texas, “Erick Hugo” finalized the current lineup with His 6 string bass, and multiple picking fingers.

Psychoprism’s first show was opening for UDO at the Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie NY on April 11th 2013. The overwhelming crowd response ensured that Psychoprism move forward with their 4 song EP release “Bloodlines” on June 24th 2014. Psychoprism later added 3 of the 4 songs from “Bloodlines” to their first full length CD release “Creation” on September 17th 2016. Psychoprism adamantly worked the local clubs, booking their way through the Tristate Area’s larger Ballrooms, Art Centers, Theaters and Halls, appearing with the likes of Queensryche, Skid Row, Grim Reaper, Metal Church, Fates Warning, Stryper, George Lynch, & Jake E. Lee.   Psychoprism debuted overseas at the “Headbangers Open Air” festival in Hamburg Germany on July 27th 2018.


Jess Rittgers – vocals
Bill Visser – guitars
Eric Hugo – bass
Adam Peterson – keyboards
Kevin Myers – drums