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Releasedate Katalog-Nr. EAN-Code Bandname Albumname
26.01.2018 PLRCD023 4260255244444 EYNOMIA Break Free
KR106-HMC039 4260255244642 MEPHISTO Mephisto
KR107-HMC040 4260255244673 FIRST OFFENCE First Offence
ISR061-18/CD 4260255244536 MISKATONIC UNION Astral Quest (IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
ISR062-18/CD 4260255244512 REVENGE Spitting Fire (IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
ISR060-18/CD 4260255244505 SEASONS OF THE WOLF Last Act Of Defiance (IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
16.02.2018 PSRLP078 4260255244802 CROM When Northmen Die
ISR 065-18/C  4260255244543 EMPIRESFALL A Piece To The Blind (IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
PLRCD026 4260255244734 WOLFEN Humanity…Sold Out/Don't Trust The White
23.02.2018 KR075 LP 4260255244611 ARROW Diary Of A Soldier