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Releasedate Katalog-Nr. EAN-Code Bandname Albumname
05.05.2017 ISR 054-17/C  4260255244116 ZOMBIE LAKE The Dawn Of Horror (IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
19.05.2017 PSRCD144 4260255244185 CUSTARD A Realm Of Tales
PSRLP068 4260255244192 VATICAN March Of The Kings
PURCD025 4260255244222 BLACK HAWK The End Of The World
PSRCD138 4260255243942 OLD SEASON Beyond The Black
26.05.2017 PSRDVD001 4260255243966 PSR DVD Visual Diamonds
02.06.2017 PRRCD038 4260255244154 DA BOANAD Mystericum
ISR 050-17/L 4260255243904 TORMENTOR Morbid Realization (IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
09.06.2017 PSRCD145 4260255244253 DESTRUCTOR Decibel Casualties 
PSRCD146 0793052119157 CONJURING FATE Valley Of Shadows
PSRCD147 4260255244260 MALAMORTE Satan Goes To Heaven To Destroy The Kingdom Of God
16.06.2017 PSPCD015 9120007610628 BLIND PETITION Law & Order Unplugged Live
PSPLP015 9120007610635 BLIND PETITION Law & Order Unplugged Live
30.06.2017 PSRLP071 4260255244277 WIDOW Carved In Stone
KR102-HMC036 4260255244208 TOUCHDOWN Tricks Of A Trade
KR103-HMC037 4260255244215 TOUCHDOWN Don't Look Down